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The best shoes are the ones that wear you down completely, as opposed to the shoes that break your feet. Some time ago, we discovered that even the sexiest heels can be comfortable, and the sensuality of a shoe is unrelated to the hectic schedule of the w
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Upper material: Suede
Sole material: Rubber
Lining material: Leather
Sole thickness: 1,8 cm
Heel height: 7.2 cm or 9 cm including plateau
Removable footbed: Nee
Closure: Buckle
This size is: Fit true size

It is not necessary to always wear the same black shoes. The only way to learn to dream is to play. Chie Mihara does not believe in aesthetic limitations or cultural barriers. She was born in 1968 to Japanese parents in the bohemian and colorist Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. At the age of 18, she packed her bags and traveled to Fukuoka, Japan, where she studied fashion at the design school. After graduation, she moved to Tokyo and attended Junko Koshino's workshop. The next two years, Chie worked as her assistant and pattern designer.

Moments later fashion knocked again in the form of a shoe, an accessory in which she found the perfect balance between style and art. She enrolled at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, where she specialized in accessories. Her next step - logical but unusual - was to work in an orthopedic shoe store, where she learned to pamper and respect feet, which is often a tormented afterthought.

In December 2001, she decided to take the big step to create her own brand with her husband and with the support of the manufacturer. The company is now exclusively run by the couple, with her husband as CEO and Chie as creative director.

The nice thing about Chie Mihara is that we get the opportunity to put together the colours and materials by ourselves. In this way, the shoe is even more unique!

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