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Alive in an ethereal dream of resonating clarity. It pulses with addictive hot iron and ozonic citrus in clean and sharp rhythm inviting your inner perfectionist to owe.

.Oddity's perfumes are crafted in small batches, using rare and rich ingredients, making them quite a distinguishing smell. Bottle caps for Resonant are made by hand from imperfectly beautiful bismuth encapsulated in epoxy resin resulting in unique shapes and shades, each is one of a kind — a true masterpiece.

Top: Yuzu, Mandarin, Bergamot, Ginger, Petit grain.

Impression: Cold explosion, loud spark, vibrating metal, perfect rhythm.


Middle: Cold metal note.

Impression: Citrus garden in a storm, crisp ether, zesty energy.


Base: Musk, Guaiacwood, Ambergris

Impression: Hot iron, dry wood, thin line, sharp curve.

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